Redemption Process for Gift Vouchers

Kindly read the individual terms & conditions of each voucher overleaf.

1. HT Reader shall log in on

2. HT Reader to enter the promo-code FWRHT to access the redemption page to view the products on offer. They will be taken to the webpage

3. HT Reader must sign up to create their login id in order to avoid putting shipping details in every transaction.

4. HT Reader will be shown the products on offer. One needs to select the required product by clicking on “Buy Now”.

5. HT Reader will be taken to the checkout page which will show the product code chart. The Reader will be prompted to enter a unique code which is a combination of HT/MINT Coupon code (8 to 9 digit subscription coupon no.) & 2 digit product code as shown in the product chart, to avail the special offer.

6. On this very page itself, one needs to edit the units if one wishes to buy more than 1 unit and fill the shipping details.

7. After filling all the relevant details on the Checkout page Reader must click on “Pay Now” tab by which the Reader will be taken to the Payment Page.

8. Once the payment is made successfully by the reader choosing a convenient payment option, the reader will receive a confirmation email on his/her registered email id with a transaction number and order details.

9. HT Readers are advised to keep the transaction number with them for future

10. Once transaction is completed then the reader will not be able to avail the offer on the same product again, but he/she can redeem other products reusing the same voucher code and combination of unique HT/Mint Subscription Coupon code & product code by following the same process as above.

11. Reader can redeem different products in multiple transactions but one product can be redeemed only once. However, more than one unit can be bought of a single product but in the same transaction only.

12. For any queries / complaints related to vouchers or redemption or product or such related issues, kindly contact [email protected]

13. HT Media Ltd does not hold any responsibility for product redemption process or product quality or experience related to these vouchers/products as this is the third party offer extended to readers of HT/Mint. Products/schemes do not carry HT/Mint logo.

Redemption Process for other vouchers : Kindly read the individual terms & conditions of each voucher overleaf.

1. Mc Donald Happy Card: Offers can be availed by presenting the Physical card at the McDonald outlets.

2. Essel World/ Water Kingdom : Offer can be availed by presenting the Physical voucher.

3. Zinq offer : Direct redemption using the instructions on the voucher.

4. DNCC : Offer can be availed by presenting the Physical voucher.

5. Karjat : Offers can be availed by presenting the Physical voucher. One must prebook following the instructions on the voucher.

6. Bali & Thailand : Offers can be availed by quoting the HT/Mint subscription coupon number on the call centre. Call centre no is : +91-7045484818 and email ID:[email protected]

7. Nyassa vouchers : Direct redemption on Nyassa website or the listed retail store by using the Promo Code as mentioned in the voucher.