Hindustan Times - Heartfulness Meditation Program

What Attendees have to say

The first experience of meditation in my life that too in very easy & simple way. I enjoyed the sessions. I felt my thoughts become very much organized in a way to interact with people and family.

Mr. Damodar Acharya

This class is very useful. We learn how to do meditation and after that we feel very peaceful & fresh in life. We now know importance of prayer in life.

Smt. Rekha Gandhi

I appreciate this initiative by HT. Practices which integrate the mind and body, such as yoga and meditation, can reverse some conditions that are thought to be incurable or irreversible. Apart from this, since brain activity and immune functions are related, there is hope that meditation can help change brain and immune function in positive ways.”

Mr. Ravindra Junagade

“Your efforts towards societal wellness are always appreciated Thank you HT.”

Bharati Ingavale

HT HFN Go Green Mumbai Plantation & Meditation Drive

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