Dear Subscriber, welcome on-board the HT Lifetime subscription plan. Please read the below terms and conditions carefully.

  • This lifetime scheme is limited to a maximum period of 15 years. Under the Lifetime scheme, the Subscriber can subscribe to Hindustan Times (“Newspaper”) for a period of upto 15 years by paying a one-time subscription fee of INR 4,999/-
  • Submission of valid Address proof (where the delivery of the paper is requested by the subscriber) & Photo ID proof is mandatory for availing the Lifetime scheme of HT.
    Subscriber’s mobile number and email id is mandatory for the Lifetime subscription scheme and subscriber must intimate HT Media Ltd.
    in case of changes in mobile no., email id or complete postal address. In case the subscriber does not inform about the change of address and other contact details, company shall not be liable for the loss of coupons and any other important communication.
  • Upon receipt of the subscription fee, Coupons Booklet for 2 years subscription shall be dispatched by HT Media Ltd. Subscriber shall receive a Coupons Booklet once for every 2 years with the last Coupons Booklet for 3 years.
  • Any increase /decrease in the price of the Newspaper in future shall be borne/absorbed by company.
  • There would be no refund if the subscriber wishes to discontinue the subscription, for any reason. However, post 1 year and within 8 years, if HT Media Limited is unable to service for any reason, pro-rata refund on a diminishing basis would be provided as per the refund chart given below.
  • This subscription offer is applicable to residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane only.
  • Subscriber shall issue CTS2010 cheque only. In case of non-CTS or co-operative bank’s cheque, the regular subscription processing time does not apply.
  • In case the Subscriber’s subscription doesn’t start within 21 days from the date of realization of the payment or in case of irregular delivery, Subscriber shall  contact HT Media Ltd. at 022-67764242 or email at [email protected] 
  • NO CASH PAYMENT (No subscription request or any claim is valid if the payment has been made by cash).
  • In case subscription cheque gets dishonoured, subscription stands cancelled & HT Media Ltd. will not be responsible for starting the supply or any dispute arising as a result of this between subscriber and vendor.
  • In case a subscription cheque gets dishonoured, Rs.100/- towards processing fee and Rs. 250/- cheque bounce charges levied by the bank will be charged. Subscription to be processed only after realization of the payable amount.
  • Subscriber shall handover the monthly coupon to the Newspaper vendor only after receiving Hindustan Times copies for that month.
  • Subscriber can continue to avail the benefits of the Lifetime Scheme and the Subscription can be transferred upon relocation to only such other locations where Hindustan Times Editions are available
  • Scheme is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-extendable, non-encashable in any circumstance and one cannot transfer it to relatives or friends.
  • Before the lapse of 15 years if the format of product changes, then the subscription coupons shall be applicable for the new format of the product at no extra cost.
  • Any future tax/statutory levy on the Newspaper, if applicable, shall have to be paid and shall be claimed from the Subscriber.
  • Refund would be provided only in case HT is unable to service until the period of 8 years at the rates as mentioned here at the end of completion of each year: Year 1 : Rs 4200, Year 2 : Rs 3501, Year 3 : Rs 2902, Year 4 : Rs 2303, Year 5 : Rs 1804, Year 6 : Rs 1305, Year 7 Rs 906, Year 8 : Rs 507 and  Year 9 to Year 15 : NIL
  • No transfer or refund possible before completion of 1 year. Refund post 1 year and before 8 years are subject to conditions. Read Terms and conditions carefully before buying the scheme.
  • Any difference/dispute between the subscriber and his / her local newspaper vendor is not covered under the purview of Refunds or any other such liability on HT Media Ltd and HT Media Ltd.’s decision with respect to the amount of refund, if applicable, shall be final and binding.
  • Any decision related to this scheme rests with HT Media Ltd., which will be final & binding on the recipients of this scheme.
  • Payment can be made through Paytm QR Code or POS swipe machine or through an A/C payee local cheque drawn in favour of “HT Media Ltd.”, payable at Mumbai to be made at the time of submission of the duly filled Subscription Form to the HT Sales Representative.
  • Direct Paytm transfer to a mobile no. is not permitted and if done, HT Media Ltd. shall not be liable for the same.
  • Subscription will start only post realization of the subscription payment. HT Media Ltd. shall undertake the process of upto 15 (fifteen) days for verification of the subscription form and confirm receipt of the Subscription Fee, post which verification the Subscription of the Scheme shall commence.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure that the update in the contact information of the Subscriber is duly recorded with HT Media Limited. In the event of change of residence of the Subscriber, the continuation of the Scheme shall be subject to availability of Vendor/ distribution facilities at the new address.
  • The subscription coupon booklet shall be delivered at the address as mentioned on the subscription form within 15 working days from the date of payment realization for the first 2 years, and the successive ones 1 month before the lapse of every 2 years. In case of non-receipt of the coupons, subscribers must immediately contact the company at 022-67764242 or email at [email protected]
  • In case of loss or damage of non-redeemed coupon, the subscriber will have to inform the company immediately in order to get the coupons blocked and pay Rs.100/- administrative charges to receive the new set of coupons.
  • Delivery of subscription coupons after two failed attempts will be done against the realization of cheque   payment of Rs.100/- towards postage and handling charge.